How do you find the area of a shaded area in a triangle and assume the area of the largest triangle is one unit?

If the largest (outer) triangle has area =1, and it has a base length b and height h, then
(1/2) b h = 1
bh = 2

Then use whatever information you have on the base b' and height h' of the shaded triangle, and compute b' h' in terms of b h. Call the ratio a
b' h'/ b h = a
The shaded triangle will have area
A' = (1/2) b' h' = (1/2) a b h

When you are done, set bh = 2
A' = x

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  1. Find the area. Use 3.14 for π. (Assume d = 8 in.)

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  2. area of a triangle 72cm squared
    base12 what is the height?

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  3. area of a triangle 72cm squared
    base=12 what is the height?

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