maths! please help me it is an emergency!!!!!!!!!!

what is the fibonacci sequence and what is its relationship to the golden ratio?

Many websites here that can help you -- especially the very first one from


The Fibonacci sequence begins
Each term after the second 1 is the sum of the previous two terms.
The golden number (or ratio) is (1+sqrt(5))/2 and is approxximately 1.6180339
The relationship of the Fibonacci sequence to the golden number is that if you take the ratio of the n-th term/(n-1)th term as n increases the limit of the ratio is the golden number. Thus in the sequence given above, consider the sequence of terms
2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8,...
That sequence of ratios of Fib. terms converges to the golden number. The last term , 13/8, is approx 1.625 Each term after that gets closer and closer to the gold. ratio.

i can't finish this h.w . because i can't find the factorzation for 293 and the h.w is due tomorrow!

293 is prime
test the divisor 2,3,5,7,11,13 and 17 to prove this.
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