Literature Antigone Part 2 Dialogue

Antigone: Haemon, are you making the right decision?

Haemon: Yes,
I'm making the right decision
For the citizens of Thebes
After Creon dies are lives
Will be much better
And we will have more freedom.

Messenger: Well I better get going
If Creon notices I left
He might execute me
Good day, Antigone! Haemon!

(Messenger exits leaving Antigone and Haemon inside the cave)

Antigone: Haemon,
Please let me go with you
I'm a strong and brave woman
Without me you might get killed.

Haemon: Antigone,
You are very independent and brave
But this is a man's job
Are you sure you want to risk
Your life for me?

Antigone: Yes,
I know this may me foolish
But I'll do it all for love.
We better go
The sooner we stop Creon
The sooner Thebes will be set free
From decrees

(Haemon, and Antigone leave the cave, to search for Creon)

(We are now enterng the Palace, where the Servant tells Creon that Antigone and Haemone are alive)

Servant: King Creon,
We may have an issue
The messenger has just stated that
Antigone and Haemon are alive.

Creon: Haemon must of saved her
When he enters the Palace I want him
Killed immediately.

Servant: Haemon doesn't deserve to die, Sir
He's such a respectful,and loyal man.

Creon: (Laughs)

Servant: The citizens of Thebes agrees.
Maybe you should change your ways
The Gods will not appreciate your

(Knocking on the Palace doors)

Servant: Good evening
Antigone and Haemon
What brings you to the Palace today?

Haemon: Where is my father?

Creon: Haemon you are not the son I have raised
The son I raised was very loyal and respectful
You on the other hand are very disobedient
Why did I do any such thing to harm you?

Haemon: You killed my mother
You betrayed my love, Antigone
And you lied to the citizens of Thebes
You don't deserve to be King
A King should be faithful,
And goodhearted
You are nothing like that!

Creon: Your right, Haemon!
I've been acting like a demon
A self-centered cruel demon
I'm sorry Haemon, please forgive me
And Antigone I'm sorry for arresting you.
You should have buried your brother.
Can you forgive me?

(Haemon pulls out his sword)

Haemon: Forgive this you vicious, and heartless devil!! (Stabbed Creon in the heart)

Antigone: Haemon! You killed him!
Why? The Gods will never forgive you!

Servant: Antigone it wasn't a bad
Choice, it was a good choice.
He's a hero!
Now you and Hameon are royalty!

Antigone: What do you mean servant?

Servant: You will become Queen
And Haemon will become King of Thebes!

Haemon: I can't accept your offer good servant!

Servant: O' but you must you will be the most worthy of the title!

Antigone: Thank you servant
I wonder if Polyneices is proud of me
Do you think he is?

Haemon: Yes he is Antigone,
He's proud of your braveness, and your
Do you still want to join him in Heaven?

Antigone: When it's my time I will, Haemon
I was very foolish to think that earlier
I want to live my life, with you!
And when I'm a God I can live my life with Polyneices!

(The End)

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asked by Theresa
  1. Proof read this for grammar and spelling errors.

    I didn't care for this speech. It doesn't fit Creon's character and it makes Haemon's act not logical.

    Creon: Your right, Haemon!
    I've been acting like a demon
    A self-centered cruel demon
    I'm sorry Haemon, please forgive me
    And Antigone I'm sorry for arresting you.
    You should have buried your brother.
    Can you forgive me?

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    posted by GuruBlue
  2. Do you have any ideas of what I could say for his part? But did you like this half of the dialogue. And what would be my final grade

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    posted by Theresa
  3. Any ideas of what I could write? Could you give me a final grade? Thanks

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    posted by Theresa
  4. In case the same teacher who read your first part is not reading the second part, you should restate what directions you received. IF you are making up additional dialogue for the characters, you need to restudy their lines of dialogue so you continue with the same characterization, syntax, vocabulary, etc.

    The grade will depend the rubric your teacher is using. That rubric could be standardized, personal, etc. My students always knew the rubric I was going to use BEFORE they wrote so that they would cover the salient points. If this is not the first assignment you have done for this teacher, you can guess better what she will be looking for.


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  5. Theresa, regarding a grade... because of the grammar errors, I would not give this over a B minus. But, before I gave you a grade on this part I would ask that you do some proofing and change that Creon speech. Make it consistent with his character.

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    posted by GuruBlue

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