In triangle LM equals 5 and m angle K equals 45. find KL. leave your answer in simplest radical form.?

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  1. You have to know more. You have one angle, and the opposite side. Is this a right triangle?

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  2. Do you mean triangle KLM? What do you mean by saying a triangle equals 5? Do you mean that side LM has a length of 5? If so, consider the law of sines. Angle K is opposite to side LM. Angle M is opposite to side KL.

    You have only provided two pieces of information about the triangle: one side l;ength and one angle measure. You need to know three values to fully define the triangle. Is angle K 90 degrees?

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  3. This Is Similar To My Question, In Triangle KLM, LM=5 and m<K=45 Leave your answer In Simplest Radical Form

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  4. Answer is 5 and square of 2

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  5. no

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