Why do you think it's important to find and use creditable sources in your written work?

Would you take your worse enemy's recommendation for a blind date?

Information we use is as only good as the sources. My wife is very sick these days, in treatment for cancer, and you would be very surprised how many of our acquantances offer treatment advice. It is nice, but we will stay with the doctor, for better or worse. Yes, we are getting a second opinion from MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, however, we are not seeking an opinion from Rev Do Good.
Bob McNamara, ex DOD chief, said in the early 60's something that has stuck in my mind for years: Bob said that he judged men on three things; what they knew, how they used that information, and third, how did they seek out additional information.
Those three criteria seem to be valid in many fields, and choosing sources is a vital part of the third condition.

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