im back : )

I have a bunch of questions i hope someone could help me with?

#1 what is the fifth term in this series?
4 1/2; 8 3/4; 13; 17 1/4 ? I know it is 21 1/2... but how to i figure that?

#2 a manufacturer has 3,375 yards of material on hand. If the average dress takes 3 3/8 yards of material, how many dresses can he make? Can someone help me figure that one out?

#3 It costs $1 per sqaure yard to waterproof canvas. What will it cost to waterproof a canvas truck cover that is 15'x 24'?

#4 A part time employee worked a total of 16 1/2 hours during 5 days of the past week. What was this employee's average workday?

#5 A driver traveled 100 miles at the rate of 40 mph, then traveled 80 miles at 60 mph. The total number of hours for the entire trip was?

#6 After an article is discounted at 25% it sells for $112.50. The original price of the article was?

#7 A plane left new york at 3:30 p.m. est and arrived in los angelas at 4:15 p.m. Pst. How long did the flight take?
I usually get these kinds of questions but with the time changes i don't get it.

one more...

#8 The price of a radio is $31.29, which includes a 5% sales tax. What was the price of the radio before the tax was added?

The purpose of this board is not to do a student's homework.
I will do a couple for you

1. notice that the difference from one term to the next is 4.25, so add 4.25 to the fourth term and your will get 21.5
(you should be able to convert the fractions used quite quickly to decimals, they are simple and known fractions)

#5. time=distance/rate
so first trip: time=100/40 = 2.5 hours
second trip: time = 80/60 = 1 1/3 hours

total = 2 hrs + 30 min + 1 hr + 20 min
= 3 hours and 50 minutes

#8 The $31.29 includes the original cost (100%) + the sales tax (5%)
so 105% = 31.29
then 100% = 31.29/1.05

no you don't understand its not my homework im studying for a test and my math book gives me all the answers and explains them to me but some of the questions i still don't understand. I can give you all the answers to prove it to you. I just don't know how they got them.

ok im sorry i don't know how to convert those fractions to decimals and i don't know them off the top of my head.

in any fraction like 3/4 just divide 3 by 4, (use your calculator) and you will get .75

similarily, 1/4 = .25 etc

in cases like this think of money
if you had 1/4 of a dollar, you would have 25 cents.
How much would you have for 1/2 dollar?

if you have a mixed fraction like 7 3/8, just keep the 7 aside and do the 3/8
3/8 when 3 is divided by 8 gives you .375
so 7 3/8 = 7.375

"Known" fractions are
1/4 = 0.25
1/2 = 0.50
3/4 = 0.75

To convert 1/4 to a decimal, divide 1 by 4 on your calculator (or manually) and you will get 0.25. You should use these enough that you soon have them memorized.

ok thank you you showed me an easier way of doing them then my book shows me. like on the last one they said let x=the price of the radio before tax and it might be the same it just got me confused. except i still don't understand number 1. on number 2 my book shos me 3375 divided by 3 3/8=3375 divided by 27/8 = 3375 x 8/27 = 125 x 8 =1000 dresses i just don't get anything right there. how does 27/8=3375? I have no idea?

thanks alot dr bob but how do you convert a fraction like 8 3/4 to a decimal? is this right? 8 times 4 + 3 =35/4 4divided by 35 is 8.75??

thank you alot

I know im takin up the message board. im sorry but no one has to give me the answers to my questions just show me how you get the work and ill answer the question? you know what I mean? My book im studying is hard for me to understand how they got the I can get a better score on this test i have to take. in math books or in class they never really show students how to do word problems in any kind of math. if they do it doesnt take once to remember how to do certain word problems we have to practice, but i cant practice if i don't know how the word problems are solved.

For your #2:
a manufacturer has 3,375 yards of material on hand. If the average dress takes 3 3/8 yards of material, how many dresses can he make? Can someone help me figure that one out?

To find out how many dresses can be made out of such a huge amount of fabric, you'd have to divide, right? So you'd need to set it up like this:

3375/1 รท 27/8 = x

How did I get 3375/1? Any whole number can be made into a fraction by putting it over 1.

How did I get 27/8 from 3 3/8? Multiply 8 (the denominator) x 3 (the whole number) and add 3 (the numerator).

Now do you remember how to divide fractions? You invert the second fraction and then just multiply across and then simplify/reduce:

3375/1 x 8/27 = ??

Let me know what you come up with.

Yes, what you did is correct. There is an easier way, also. 8 3/4 = 8.75 if you remember that 8 3/4 = 8 + 3/4 and 3/4 is 0.75, then 8.00 + 0.75 = 8.75.

i got it. thank you so much you made it easier to understand.

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