Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions and my answers ?

1. Readiness skills:

A. only involve reading
B. involve reading and math
C. begin in first grade
D. include social,language,motor and
cognitive skills.

2. Which one of the following will
probably NOT increase a young
child's attention span?

A. Using colorful and appealing toys
B. Making the child sit still in a chair
C. Providing frequent chances to move
D. Using items children prefer

3. Perceptual-motor skills involve:

A. input from the senses and an action
that follows.

B. hands and eyes working together

C. arms and legs working together

D. learning to write your name.

4. Asking children to place red and blue
teddy bear counters into red and blue
dishes helps them learn to:

A. discriminate
B. classify
C. count
D. remember

5. Which one of the following is NOT a
likely reason why children have
trouble following directions?

A. The directions are too long

B. The child is too stubborn

C. The child doesn't understand the

D. The teacher is standing up.

Here are my answers,let me know which I
have wrong!

1. (D) include social,language, motor,
and cognitive skills

2. (B) making the child sit still
in a chair

3. (A) input from the senses and an
action that follows.

4. (A) discriminate

5. (B) The child is too stubborn.

Thanks for your help!

For 4, I think A or B could be correct. I agree that 5 might be wrong, though.

On question 5, I am confused- I know the teacher should kneel down to a child's level and speak directly to him,
so would (D) the teacher is standing up, be the best answer?

on question 4, would (B) classify,
be the best answer?

your changes seem reasonable.

what should I put for question #4?
what should I put for question #5?

But,If the teacher is standing
wouldn't a child have trouble
following directions?

I am very confused on question 5--
please help and give input,please!!!!!!

I'm confused because the question asks
Which is Not a likely reason why children have trouble following directions?

I am also confused on question 4,
because wouldn't you be asking the children to tell them apart(discriminate), or to specify same or different?

However to classify(has certain characteristics in common).

I am confused on question 4 and 5
Please help!

I will repost these later. I am confused. The only negative in question #5,is (C)the child doesn't understand the words.
That would NOT be a reason children have trouble following directions. As for question #4, I still say the children are asked to discriminate.

Please someone else give input, please!

If the child does not understand the words, how can he follow directions?

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