Algebra2(check part 1)

1)Solve the matrix:[2x] [14]for x

2)V[3 1]
[0 2]
[-4 5].The dimensions of matrix V.

3)The first row of T+U
T[4 -5 2] U[-9 6 4]
[8 -1 3] [-5 -2 3]
answer=[-5 1 6]

4)The first row of V-T.
V[3 1] T[4 -5 2]
[0 2] [8 -1 3]
[-4 5]
answer=not possible

1) Did you leave out an = sign between 2x and 14? If so, they are scalar matrics and 2x = 14, so x = 7. I have no idea what you also have 3y = 12

2. Yes, V has three row ans two columns.

3. correct
4. correct. You cannot subtract matrices of unequal dimensions.

its suppose to be
Solve the matrix:[2x] [14]for x
[3y]= [12]

well its still not posting right but the 3 is under the 2 and the 12 is under the 14

The matrix
is just an arrangement of 4 numbers. You have not set it equal to anything else, so I don't know what you mean by "solving" it for x. I also don't understand the meaning of your bracket symbols. Is is supposed to denote a determinant?
Because of the limited graphic capability here, and a shortage of available qualified staff, Jiskha is probably not a suitable place to get help with matrix problems.

thats the way my book has it.theyre in brackets.but that's basically the idea,could you look over my other problems for me?

asked by erin

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