ll in the missing information in this Algebraic proof. Please label your answers as a, b, c, ...
Two lines intersect. Angle 1 equals left parentheses 3 times x + 20 right parentheses. Angle 2 = left parentheses 5 times x - 16 right parentheses, Angles 1 and 3 are vertical angles.
The measure of angle 1 = the measure of angle 3. (Vertical Angles are Congruent)

a.) _____ = (5x - 16) (Substitution)
b.) -2x + 20 = _____ (Subtraction Prop. of Equality)
c.) -2x = _____ (Subtraction Prop. of Equality)
d.) x = _____ (Division Prop. of Equality (4 points)

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asked by cassie

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