I would like to know what are the best website to buy and sell stocks online at a very low price.
I never done it before, and i am just a biginner so can you please tell me

You ask a good question, I think.

Buying stocks cheaply does have obvious advantages. But, it assumes that you know what you want to buy and that you know when you want to sell stocks and bonds.You will need to pay in the form of higher commissions or various fees if you if you want advice from a broker.

Sites 1 and 3 below for information about the DRIPS and index mutual funds. These are usually at little or no cost but you need to read carefully the limitations of each type of purchase. The remainig two sites should be read before you make any investment.

Invest FAQ: Trading: Direct Investing and DRIPs

Three cheap ways to buy stock, if you know exactly what you want - - Index funds' low cost makes them a solid place to start

How to buy stocks

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