Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions and my answers to be sure that I have
chosen the most appropriate answer?

1.Which one of the following does NOT
agree with the developmental approach?

A. Development is influenced only
by maturation.

B. Development is influenced by

C. Development follows a general

D. Experiences affect learning.

2.Switching the classroom daily schedule
to reduce the level of noise in your
classroom at lunchtime is an example

A. Using positive reinforcement.
B. Using negative reinforcement.
C. Changing the consequences.
D. Changing the antecedent.

3. Cassie has trouble sharing things.
You are using the suggestion to
"catch the child being good" when

A. Tell Cassie she has to share
the crayons.

B. Ignore Cassie when she piles
all the crayons in front of her.

C. Smile at Cassie when she hands
another child a crayon.

D. Make Cassie put the crayons away
if she cannot share.

4. Punishing children:

A. Makes them behave better.
B. Does NOT show them how to behave.
C. Teaches them to respect authority.
D. Is necessary so other children won't

5. Time-out:

A. Prevents more problem behavior
B. Is a recommended form of punishment
C. Should be used sparingly
D. teaches children the correct behavior

6.Which one of the following is NOT
a reason that task analysis is
needed by children with disabilities?

A. Children cannot learn without help.

B. Children need more ways to be
successful in completing a task.

C. Children may need more time to
learn a skill.

D. Children get frustrated when
tasks are too hard.

Here is a list of my answers.
Please let me know the ones that are

#1. (A) Development is influenced only
by maturation.

#2. (D) Changing the antecedent event

#3. (C) Smile at Cassie when she hands
another child a crayon.

#4. (B) does not show them how to

#5. (C) should be used sparingly.

#6. (B) Children need more ways to
be successful in completing
a task.

Please let me know the ones I
have wrong!

Congratulations. All your answers are correct! :-)

I agree totally! Well done!

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asked by Tamera

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