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Does anyone know the definition of an OPPORTUNISTIC POPULATION? I have looked all over the internet and i cant find anything.

Opportunistic species are those that colonise an unstable or periodically extreme environment.They can colonise quickly, although they are often‘out competed’ by other organisms once the environment becomes stable. They are prevalent where man or nature has created a disturbance where the stable species have been killed or moved. This could be a landslie, fire, flood, logging, mining etc. An OPPORTUNISTIC POPULATION is just a given number of such a species living within the disturbed area.

I need help regarding my homework. It says: Mass number may differ in various ______________. And also: Which of these four numbers is most related to the chemical behavior of an atom: atomic number, mass number atomic weight, or valence? Explain. Thanks for the help.

mass number may differ in various atoms

What is matter

valence is most related to chemical behavior because the fullness of the valence shell determines how the atom will react with other atoms

why is the carbon cycle said to be the reciprocal processes of photosynthesis and respiration?


wehn a golgi apparatus ships the containment how does it distribute it do the right places? does it store the info od the direction onto the package?

The plant Horomone, abscissic acid mainly influences
a. growth of stem and root tips
b. production of ethylene gas
c. regukation of turgorpressure by causing water to leave guard cells
d. aging of leaves
e. the carbon dioxide fixation phase of photosynthesis

if anyone has any idea thank you very much

The ? variable is the part of the experiment that is affected by the independant variable.


?= dependent variable.

I need help answering the study guide questions for a lab titled "Principles of Enzyme Catalysis"

Ok so my class did AP Bio lab #1 with the dialysis tubing. The water and iodine start in the beaker and the glucose and starch are in the bag.What happens after 30 min.? are the startch molecules too big to pass through the bag? where do all of the 4 components end up? thnx

can someone please help me with these questions?:
1. Some prokaryotes are capable of reproducing once every half-hour.
Suppose you placed a single bacterium in a suitable culture medium and it (and its descendants) proceeded to reproduce at this rate. How many cells would be present after 2 hours? After 12 hours? What factors determine how long this kind of increase can continue?

2. Why can prokaryotes quickly reinfect a patient if they were not wiped out? How might this result in evolution of drug resistant pathogens?

3.Write a short essay that contrasts the ways the five -kingdom and three domain system classify the eukaryotes included in the candidate kingdoms?

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