I still need input on this question!Early Child Ed

I am still confused on this question.
Please give more input.

Anecdotal records are often used to gather information on a child's development because:

A. they explain the reasons for
a child's behavior.


B. brief notes are easier and
quicker to write.

How can an anedoctal record explain reasons? Anedocte are short accounts, brief. Behavior is explained in detailed history and analysis. We use anedotes because they are easy to use, and to record.

can anecdotal records tell you how long a behavior lasts?

Yes, it could.

"Sarah holds her breath for two minutes when agitated

So, which would be the best answer?

Anecodotal records are often used to gather information on a child's development because:

A. they tell you how long a behavior

B. brief notes are easier and quicker
to write.

Would (B) be the best answer?

Let's go back to your original question.

2. Anecdotal records are often used
to gather information on a child's
development because:

A. writing down everything a child says
or does is important.

B. they tell you how long a behavior

C. they explain the reasons for a
child's behavior.

D. brief notes are easier and quicker
to write.

The question asks why anecdotal records are often used to gather information about a child's development.

A can't be right because it's impossible and totally unnecessary to write down EVERYTHING a child says or does.

B could be right as Bob illustrated above.

C is obviously wrong because an anecdotal record does not give the reasons for a child's behavior.

D could be right because usually an anecdotal record is quickly noted at the time of the behavior.

Which is the better answer? B or D?

I still think that D is the best answer. The key words are "gather information." The gathering process for an anecdotal record is quick and easy. A teacher needs less than a minute to jot a few words about a child's behavior at the time it occurs.

Although this record MAY show the frequency of a behavior, the question asks about a child's development, and therefore includes all aspects of his/her development, not just a specific behavior.

I talked to a person with a PhD in Behavioral Psychology last night. He said that the "antecedent" is the most important thing to know about any repeated action.... why that action is being repeated. So I maintain that C is the best answer.

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