jis social studies

feature of konark

You may find the features and other infomration about Kornark at:

Sun Temple Konark http://konark.nic.in/index.htm

The Sun Temple at Konark http://www.templenet.com/Orissa/konark.html

Konark, Konark Tourism, Tourism in Konark, Konark Travel,Konark Temple,Konark Sun Temple,Konark Tour Packages, Konark Travel .. http://www.destinationsindia.com/india-golden-triangle-tour/konark.html

Konark Sun Temple http://www.indiantemples.com/Orissa/konakona.html

Konark Sun Temple India,Konark Sun Temple,Sun Temple in Konark,Konark http://www.religiousportal.com/KonarkSunTemple.html

You can also type konark in the Search box at the top of the Jiskha webpage and click on Go. You'll find many posts in which this same question has been asked and answered.


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