THAT is a wonderful idea! A loose leaf notebook where you can organize alphabetically will work beautifully. As you meet a character, give it a page.
Then as that character develops, you add information to that page: their alias, characteristics you think important ( greedy, sneaky, courageous), also include major events that they are involved in.
THAT way you can keep up with who is with who and what they are called when.
It is an easy way to keep a "book diary". You will enjoy this book... it is full of action and interesting people.

I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo (Bantam Abridged version)for a summer reading project. Here's the exact assigment:

"1: All students entering the Honors English 9 Class at (My High School) are to complete a summer reading and prepare character identifications."

Blahblahblah Background information/ where to buy the book blahblahblah

"4:Students must read the entire novel. Because students will encounter many characters with various aliases which can be quite confusing, students are required to set up a notebook to keep track of every character with a character identification for each."

Okay, what? I have no idea what a character identification sheet is! Clarify, anyone? :/ Thanks!

A character identification sheet lists each of the characters with a description. You should also include any aliases and their actions.

I love the book already. :D I just wasn't sure what they were asking for. Thanks so much for your help!

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