chem 2

what is the mass of F in grams in 24.6 grams of SnF2?

Convert 24.6 g SnF2 to mols SnF2.
Convert mols SnF2 to mols F atoms.
Convert mols F atoms to grams F atoms.

24.6 g SnF2*(1 mol SnF2/molar mass SnF2)*(2 mols F/1 mol SnF2)*(atomic mass F/1 mol F Atoms) = ??

Check my thinking.

The EASY way to do this is by gravimetric factor; unfortunatly that has been omitted from quant books and isn't taught anymore. It has gone the way (unfortunatly, again) of normality. That isn't taught anymore, either. And since we don't need normality, we don't teach equivalent weights anymore. Pity.

52 pounds
DAA DAA !!!!!!!1

I don't think so.

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