Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions and my answers to make sure I have made the most appropriate choice?

1. A child who seems to frequently
stand too close to other children
in linemight have difficulty with:

A. perseveration
B. understanding directions
C. spatial orientation
D. following directions

2. Children who have difficulty putting
items in the right place when you
tell them to put toys in the box,
on top of the shelf, or under the
table may:

A. have a language disability
B. require behavior management
C. have poor social skills
D. want to challenge teachers

3. Young children with autism:

A. will never talk.

B. relate to people differently than
typical children do.

C. get along better with older children.

D. like changes in their routine.

4. A child who is echolalic:

A. likes to hear only loud sounds.

B. likes to hear only quiet sounds.

C. repeats the same words he hears
others use.

D. talks very loudly.

5. Spina bifida is caused by:

A. childhood illness
B. spinal cord injury
C. birth trauma
D. chromosomal disorder

My answers for questions:

#1. (C) spatial orientation
#2. (A) have a language disability
#3. (B) relate to people differently
than typical children do.

#4. (C) repeats the same words he
hears others use.

#5. (D) chromosomal disorder


Yep, I agree.

Yep, I agree.

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