A series circuit contains a resistor with R = 24 ohms, an inductor with L = 2 H, a capacitor with C = 0.005 F, and a generator producing a voltage of E(t) = 12 sin(10t). The initial charge is Q = 0.001 C and the initial current is 0.

(a) Find the charge at time t.
2r^2+24r+200=0, r=-6 +/i 8*i
240B=12, -240A=0, B=1/20, A=0 ???

This seems unlikely, yes?

Q(0)=0, c1=0

I(0)=0, 8*c2+1/2=0, c2=-1/16

which is incorrect.

Please help me find my error so that I can find the correct answer for Q(t) and I(t). Thanks.

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  1. -200Acos(10t)-200Bsin(10t)-240Asin(10t)+240Bcos(10t)+200Acos(10t)+200Bsin(10t)=12sin(10t)

    do that step again, you did your math wrong. You should get A=-1/20 and B=0

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