advanced english 2

I need two metaphors, 1 personification and 1 allusion from "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" by Stephen King

Be sure to look up each term here:

Then when you find what you believe are examples in your book or story, please re-post, and someone here will be able to give you feedback.


First, use the website given to you by Writeacher to learn what those terms mean. Then, begin scanning through the story for examples.
When reading a story for a particular reason, it may help to take notes following each chapter. Note down the characters involved in that chapter: who was the main protagonist (good guy); and who was the main antagonist (bad guy). Note down any important action that takes place, too. For an assignment asking for metaphors, read the piece looking for that specific type of thing. Your notes will help you study for any quiz or exam.

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