Early Child Ed.

I have a couple of questions that I
need help with.

1. An example of a responsive enviroment
for infants and toddlers would be:

A. keeping children in their cribs.

B. picking up children when they cry.

C. keeping children with other
children at all times.

D. keeping toys in a large toy box.

2. Appropriate toys in an inclusive
classroom for infants and toddlers
would include:

A. wooden blocks and jigsaw puzzles
B. dress-up clothes and story books
C. picture books and soft pillows
D. paint and color markers

Would the best answer for question #1 be (B) picking up children when they cry?

And the best answer for question #2
be (C) picture books and soft pillows?

Can you give me some input on these questions, please?

I agree with both of your answers. :-)

I agree with Ms. Sue!

I agree with Miss Sandra, who agrees with Ms. Sue, who (in turn) agrees with you.

#2 is a little tricky because some of those things are ok for a Toddler program, but not infant. And it asked about an infant and toddler program.

Good work. Unless we're all wrong :)


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  1. bro its 2018

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