citation of UNEP PDF online assessment/report

How would I cite a document from the UNEP website? (PDF document)

APA style?
I've been looking but it looks like you have to cite it a special way? Is this true?
I cannot personally find the, "session" or etc. It is a document evaluating the environment, not a resolution document.

help please.

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  1. If it tells you in the document:

    Citation: AMAP/UNEP 2008 Technical Background Report to the.............

    Is that usable?

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  2. No, it's not.

    Here is a really good website for APA guidelines:
    Go all the way to the bottom and click on #10 in the list -- Reference List: Electronic Sources.

    You will need the author of the article, the title of the article, etc., including the entire URL (web address) that ends with .pdf.

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