Early Child. Ed.

Which is NOT an example of a reciprocal relationship with families?

1. Writing a monthly class newsletter.

2. Setting up limited times for parents
to visit the classroom.

3. Making a home visit to the family.

4. Phoning parents at home.

Reciprocal means two-way communication. Three of these allow for two way communication.

Wouldn't all these choices allow for
two-way communication? I'm confused,
because you would be communicating with
all these choices. Please help!

How does writing a monthly class newsletter allow for two-way communication?


Arzana gave you the wrong answer.

Read what was said in the other posts above. Yes...each way allows for communication. But Bob said "Three of these allow for TWO WAY communication."

So..which one does not allow for ***TWO WAY*** communication?


You wouldn't put a limit on times parents visit classrooms. Shouldn't parents be welcome in the classroom at all times?

Newsletters are a way to communicate to the parents. Right?

Help, I'm confused.

Most schools, including preschools, impose time limits on parents' visits to classrooms. One of the goals for young children is to help them become less dependent on their parents. Often, if a parent is in the room, the children will want to be with the parent rather than interacting with the teachers and other children.

Newsletters communicate to the parents, but they don't provide a way for parents to communicate back to the school. Newsletters are one-way vehicles of communication; they are not reciprocal.

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asked by Tamera

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