analysis and design

My project is upgrading a bathroom and this is what I need help with:
Project Risk-list 5 factors and their potential impact for the project.

Project Constaints-ex: triple constaints variable (cost,time/schedule and scope)are there any possible limitations list all that apply.
Replace this text with description of a constaint(need 3 constaints)

Project Structure Approach-replace this text with a description of how the project will be structured and what apporach will be used to manage the project. List the outside sources that the project depends on and secribe how you would manage those sources.
What are the dependencies of the project
How will you plan and manage the project

List all project stakeholders with their responsibilities.

I know nothing about this I have googled and still could not find what I am looking for so any help will be appreciated

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asked by Becky
  1. What have you learned in this class that should help you with this?

    Google is great -- but you need to know what to look for. Start with what you already know about analysis and design.

    Then go back into your text materials to find more information.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. thanks for nothing

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    posted by Becky

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