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I am writing a Senior Paper about the poetry works of W.B. Yeats, a Modernist poet I have found out. But I was wondering if my thesis would work or if it is too soft and not on the line of a thesis.

W.B. Yeats like most of the Modernistic poets in his time has changed poetry by using his own techniques and styles to express in what are considered one of the best poems of that time.

I think that it is a very exciting thesis and one that you can prove with suffcient evidence. Compare his poetry to that of other poets during his time and show how he is revolutionary in his poetic process. That should be a good paper.

Thanks, a few people I've noticed Yeats being compared to is Dylan Thomas, Seamus Heaney and many others. So I think I can find a few related to Yeats' poetry, but I may have to read some of their work first to be on the safe side. Thanks again!

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Subject/Verb agreement problem:

You either need to decide if you're writing about one poem being considered the best of its time or many. You said "one of the best poems" ARE considered it. So it's unclear.

As far as other things, I don't think this is a good thesis statement. It's going to be difficult to prove his poems were the best around at that time. You can change the thesis somehow to show how his style is unique and have that be your thesis. Then you'd almost have to compare it to other poems and point out what's different about his style.

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asked by Melissa

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