What is the answer? I came up with C. is this correct? Thanks for the help in advance!

f(x)=root sign, and inside that x-2 and g(x)x-7. Which of the following is the domain of the quotient function f/g?

A. (-infinity,2]
B. (-infinity,7) U (7,infinity)
C. [2,7) U (7,infinity)
D. (2, infinity)

sqrt(x-2) /( x-7) ???
x must be 2 or greater or we have the square root of a negative number, which is not real.
x may not be 7 or we have a zero in the denominator

2 to 7 and 7 to + infinity

Is C the answer?

Math - Kim, Friday, June 19, 2009 at 10:42pm
Is C the quotient function of f/g?

asked by Laurie
  1. for g(x) = x-7
    only allowing real numbers...
    Yes, C is the answer.

    posted by Quidditch
  2. Thank yoU!

    posted by Laurie

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