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In today’s modern era, the United States has become a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. From Italy to Iran and England to Cuba we have all sorts of cultures living in every imaginable city all across the country. Today the meanings of race and ethnicity are different from those in the past. Today these words mean different things to different people. To me, the way you interpret these words can show a lot of whom you are and where you come from. The word race means different things to me like where someone is from and the history of their ancestors. Ethnicity to me means someone’s unique and cultural ways of doing things like the foods they make, the songs they listen to and the holidays they celebrate. These concepts and differences is what make the United States such a diverse and beautiful country. With out these different races we would not have the cultural norms we have today like Mexican restaurants, Greek restaurants and Thai restaurants that we see in almost every American city. With out the cultural diversity that is rampant in the United States we would not have many of the unique styles of architecture you would find in places like Chinatown in San Francisco or the food you have in Little Italy in New York City. With all these different cultures, races and ethnicities its no wonder that the United States is such a great place to live.

First off, please re-write without using any form of the word "you." Then I'll read it over again.



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asked by ann

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