can you tell me a few aspects of a preformance appraisal for
strategic relevance
criterion deficiency and
criterion contamination

Please define these terms. They seem vague to me. If we know some specifics about these terms, we'll be glad to comment on performance appraisals for them.

in a company what would be the impact on employees and employers if these types of challenges were not addressed
strategic Relevance
criterion deficiency
criterion contamination
Is this abetter way to ask ? I am kind of lost for words here. I know what they mean but am not sure what the impact would be in a management position

The management must ascertain whether each employee's work is relevant to the company's strategies. It must also determine whether each employee meets the criteria for his/her position.

If management doesn't know these facts, then it's likely that the company will founder and the goals of the company will not be met.

Correction: will "flounder"

thanks for your help this gives me lots of ideas to write about

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