environmental science

A migratory bird corridor is the route birds take while migrating from north to south and back again. One of the busiest is along the Mississippi River. Check this site for a map and more information.


What exactly is a migratory bird corridor?


Thank you!

I'm supposed to answer the question: Does the government have the responsibility to protect migratory bird corridors? At what cost?

Do you think you could help me answer this question? Where would I find information about this?

Migratory bird corridors are so numerous that the government doesn't take direct responsibility for protecting all of them. However, federal, state, and local governments have established refuges in many areas where the birds stop to feed along their migratory routes. This site has more information.


Okay. Thanks again!

Are migratory birds in more danger or are they more important than other birds or something? Why is it even an issue of their safety?

Migratory birds are in greater danger than birds that stay in the same area. These dangers include the energy needed to fly long distances, hunters, and the necessity of finding food, water, and shelter in unfamiliar habitats.

These sites have more information. Also, the government does take some responsibility for migrating birds as these sites indicate.


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Thanks once again!

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