I am going to write a paper about that, my view is human capital is more important, but don't know what should say in my paper for that....

Anyone any ideas? what do you think which one is more important? WHY?

are you writing that people are more important to a business than anything else? Not sure what you mean by human capital.

To me human capital is far more important than physical capital. This article may give you some ideas.

GuruBlue, you were right, what you said was what I wanted to say.


Thank you, Ms.Sue

The advice you've gotten from GuruBlue and Ms.Sue is great. You might consider how you want to aim your paper. Depending on the length you need (a two-page paper can't possibly include as much information as a ten-page one), you need to think of some general information, some specific information, and something to tie the two together.

If you plan to include a particular business, you might consider a small one -- maybe a lemonade stand or a shaved ice cart. The nice thing about thinking small is that everything has to be fairly simplified.

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