compare homer and virgil
Help! i need a few things that compare these two poets.

Homer wrote the Odyssey

Virgil wrote the Aeneid (sp?)

yeah i know but i need more examples.

Homepage of the Iliad, Odyssey, and AeneidThe page links together the Iliad, Odyssey, and the Aeneid. It tells about different events that lead to them and their authors.
(Broken Link Removed) - Homer And VirgilComparative Analysis of the Aeneid, Odyssey, and Iliad The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of the best Greek epics written by Homer. Despite their popularity ...

so there is nothing else that they have in common besides the fact that they both wrote those stories/poems???

Very little is known about these men personally. Therefore, there is very little focus in literary study about them as men. The focus is on their works.

The commonalities are that they both composed poetry (Homer, spoken; Vergil, written), including epic poems.

The differences are the obvious things, of course (different characters, settings, etc.), as well as the reasons for composing. The ancient Greek works were primarily storytelling. The Roman work was very deliberately written to connect Rome with what was then thought to be the best of the ancient Greek cultures.


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