Assignment: What to do?

Choose a public setting to observe. You can choose a setting that is new or one that is familiar to you. Some suggestions are a store, beauty shop or barber shop, restaurant, train or bus station, airport, religious service, or sports event. Try to approach your setting like as if you were from another country (or another planet). Try to view your setting with an “outsider’s” eyes and figure out what is going on.

·Observe your setting at least twice for at least an hour each time.

·Describe the physical and social setting you are studying; i.e., the location, details about the objects in the setting, the persons involved, and any other defining aspects of the situation.

·Describe behaviors you observe that either follow or violate cultural "rules" for that particular setting.

·Describe what you learned about the cultural scene and identify cultural themes reflected in the scene.

·Describe what is important or interesting about what you learned.

·Describe your reactions to being an "outsider."

·Explain whether your perceptions changed as a result of your interview or observations. If so, how did they change? Discuss how your own ideas are culturally constructed (how your ideas (reflect what you have experienced and learned in your lifetime).

·Explain the ways in which your findings (what you learned) relate to the concepts presented in the course materials.


What am i supposed to do? English is my second language. Can you explain the assignment or give me an example?

Try going to a park or another public place. View this place as if you're alien (like ET) and discuss what's happening. For example, you see a squirrel go in a tree, assume that squirrel is communicating with tree and feeding it acorns. Or you see a woman with a hairdryer and she's trying to apply intelligence into her.

Describe where you are in the scene
What's interesting about this scene and what you have learned from another person's point of view.

Did this change the way you view things in your life?

The assignment itself is very clear. First decide what public setting you want to observe. Second, get yourself a notebook, and label a page for each of the aspects your teacher wants you to observe.
Then write about the observations relating to the class that you are making the observations for. You did not say WHAT class that was.
After you have put you ideas on paper, we will be glad to give you suggestions for ideas you need to explore or how to improve your paper.

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asked by Singh

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