How will you apply the knowledge you have learned about effective business communication and cultural diversity to your current/future job and college courses?

First, think about your current or future job and college courses.

Second, make a list of the things you've learned about effective business communication. Then list what you've learned about cultural diversity. After each fact that you've listed, note how you will use that knowledge in your job.

Some of the things you'll probably consider are -- will you write clear and to-the-point business letters and memos? How will you relate to diverse peoples in your workplace? Will you welcome or shun the woman wearing a head scarf? Will you welcome or shun the person who speaks English with an accent?

If you want to post your answer, we'll be glad to critique it for you.

writing clearly to make sense when trying to communiate with the other person.

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  1. Effective Business Communication and Cultural Diversity go hand and hand. To be effective at business communication you need t0 fosters an understanding of the interface between professionalism and individual lives and social structures. This sociological perspective exposes our persons to a greater understanding of their own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. In turn, it encourages us to explore the significance of social interaction, the influences of social institutions, and the ability of individuals to shape society and culture for the future.

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  2. cultural diversity to your current/future job and college courses

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