Intro. to Comp.

Would you please go to page 2 and look
under "intro. to comp." and check
the questions and my answers?

Please let me know what I have wrong.



you may have to go to page 3,
drwls checked them, but I have
doubts about his work.


or this?

or what?

It would be more helpful if you were more specific -- please repost those questions and answers that you need to be clarified.


0n page 2, I posted 10 questions,
"intro. to comp." by Shannon.
Drawls checked them, but he wasn't sure if they were right or wrong.

please,will someone please check them

yes writeacher, the second display you posted.

I replied to them. I also put an apology on there. I have been sick lately and just hardly able to think, let alone log on here much.

I apologize to anyone that I missed a question for. I'll be on in a limited basis the next day or 2, but will try to be on a little more now that I'm starting to feel better.


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