Intro. to Comp.

Can you help with these questions?

1.Your company has a state of the art WAN,which connects over fifty offices
throughout the world. Because of the
global nature of its business,long distance phone service is a huge cost for them. What might you suggest that may save money on their phone bills?

A. Integrate VoIP into their network.
B. Install an application server.
C. Replace their hubs with switches.
D. Utilize NetBIOS as their network

2.You are the new network administrator
for your company LAN. Your IT staff
currently has to backup the files of each and every PC in the building.
Part of your responsibility in this
new position is to reduce IT costs.
What might you suggest to accomplish this in relation to the current backup

A. Switch from a LAN to a Hybrid
topology that allows for easier

B. Have users store their files on
a central server rather than their

C. Switch to a client-server network
design that allows for easier

D. Mandate that all computers on the
network use the same network

3.You are the network administrator
for a company that has a single office
in Atlanta,Georgia. The office consists
of 15 floors of a skyscraper downtown.
The company network would thus be
labeled as a:

A. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
B. Home Area Network (HAN)
C. Wide Area Network (WAN)
D. Local Area Network (LAN)

4.Every Friday, you and your classmates meet at the school library to study.
All of you bring your laptop computers
running Windows XP and create a basic
network amongst yourselves so that you can share notes and information.
This is an example of a:

A. peer-to-peer network
B. VoIP network
C. client/server network
D. star topology

5.A company called Acme,Inc. has hired
you to design their new computer network. They have told you fault tolerance is essential;they cannot afford to have their entire network
go down. Which topology would you
utilize for them?

A. Ring
B. Node
C. Star
D. Bus

6.Acme,Inc. neds the fastest bandwidth
possible for their network. After
analyzing their office building,you
also discover that there is a significant amount of electromagnetic
interference from a variety of
electronic devices. Which type of
cabling will you utilize for their

A. Fiber-optic
B. Shielded twisted pair
C. Unsheilded twisted pair
D. Coaxial

7.The old network of Acme,Inc. utilized
a large number of hubs. You have
recommended that they replace all
of the hubs with switches. Since there will be additional costs involved,
they want to know why this is necessary.
What do you tell them?

A. A switch can be used in any type
of network topology, while hubs
can only be used in a bus topology.

B. A switch doesn't require the use
of a network interface card for
the attached nodes.

C. A switch can serve as a gateway
between LANs in a wide area network.

D. A switch substantially reduces the
amount of traffic forwarded across
the network.

8.A network LAN that you are analyzing
has the following equipment:

*Each computer has a 10/100 meg NIC.
*The network utilizes CAT 5 UTP Cable.
*The network utilizes gigabit switches.

What is the maximum bandwidth of
the LAN?

A. 1 megabit
B. 10 megabits
C. 100 megabits
D. 1,000 meabits

9.You purchase some 100BaseT cable for
a network job. What does the 100 stand

A.An attenuation rate of 100 meters.

B.A transmissio rate of 100 megabits.

C.A transmission rate of 100

D. A payload limit of 100 nodes per

10.Which is NOT a network protocol?


Here is a list of my answers. Please
let me know the ones that are wrong.

1.(A) Integrate VoIP into their

2 (B) Have users store their files on
a central server rather than
their PC's.

3.(C) Wide Area Network (WAN)

4.(D) star topology

5.(C) Star

6.(B) Shielded twisted pair

7.(C) A switch can serve as a gateway
between LANs in a wide area

8.(B) 10 megabits

9.(A) An attenuation rate of 100 meters.

10.(D) NAT/FX

Please let me know the ones I have wrong. Thank you!

4, 6 and 9 are wrong, in my opinion. There may be others, but this I don't consider myself an expert. You seem to have taken some pretty wild guesses.

please recheck--thank you

That's all I have to say after posting a response then deleting it by hitting the wrong button. I'll repost the response. UGH

With these answers, I must apologize. I am not usually absent like this. I have been sick the past week and just not able to do much other than move.

I also have to clarify I'm not perfect with networking, so I was sure to state when I wasn't sure about one of my answers given.

1) Correct.

2) Not sure. B or C. B sounds reasonable.

3) (D) Local Area Network. A WAN connects networks between cities, states, even between countries. Even though it's a fairly big LAN, it's still a LAN.

4) Correct. You are all plugging your computer into a switch or a hub and that would constitute a star topology.

5) I would lean towards a Multi Node topology. It just makes sense that if one node goes down, it would transmit through the others. Obviously, Ring and Bus are terrible choices. :)

6) Shielded twisted pair DO reduce the amount of electromagnetic interference. But fiber optics are immuned to it and faster. So you want fiber optics.

7) The difference between a switch and a hub is that a hub sends messages it receives out to ALL computers on the network. A switch knows which one to send it to, thus reducing traffic. So there would be less network traffic.

8 - sorry. I feel really dumb on this stuff. I THINK 8 is (C)100

9) The 100 stands for the data transfer rate. (B) But that's also 100 Megabits per second.

10) Correct.

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