The wind is blowing from west to east at 35 mph and an eagle in that wind in flying at 22 mph relative to the air what is the velocity of this eagle realtive to a person standing on the ground if the eagle is flying (a) from west to east relative to the air and (b) from east to west relative to the air?
Can some one show me how to start this ?

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  1. It's the same situation as a boat in a river. If the river flows at 2 mph, and the boat moves at 3 mph in the direction of the flow of water, then the boat is moving 3 mph faster than the water. For an observer on the shore, the boat moves at 3+2 = 5 mph. downstream.
    Inversely, if the boat moves against the water, the observer will see that the boat moves at 3-2=1 mph upstream.

    Can you give it a try now?

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  2. So it would be 35 +22 = 57
    and 35-22 = 13 ???

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  3. Good, the answers are correct!
    (if they refer to questions (a) and (b) respectively)

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  4. that seemed to easy for physics ???

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  5. Physics is not difficult at all as long as you make sure you understand how it works, which is what you have done.

    Continue the good work!

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