Help Please!

I search google and I can't find any recent articles on wage inequality in the airline industry. Anyone know of any recent incidents or a website that covers this information?

Do you mean wage inequality between different jobs or when comparing different airlines?

A common tactic of US airlines to avoid the financial difficulties of high pilot salaries, airport fees and expensive pension obligations, and to compete with new cost effective airlines such as Southwest and Jet Blue, is to declare bankruptcy and renegotiate all agreements, and also to create wholly owned subsidary airlines in whch they can hire new employees with much lower salaries and fringe benefits.

Here is a reference that may be of some help:,_Airlines/Salary

Rather than merely indicating help, in your subject line, it is better to indicate the specific topic where help is needed.

Likiewise, it is better to indicate what categories of inequality interest you. Beyond what has been previously mentioned, there could also be gender and/or racial/ethnic/religious inequalities.

As an example, I searched Google under the key words "gender wages airlines" to get these possible sources:

I hope this helps a little more. If not, repost with more specifics about what you are seeking. Thanks for asking.

try the search engine ask :)

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asked by Denim

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