Intro. to Comp.

will you please go to page 2 and recheck some of my answers on my
questions again. I am confused on queston 11.

thank you!

There are 72 points per inch. So, half an inch will be...

There are 72 points per inch. So, half an inch will be...

They're all right except these:

11. 36 point (72 is an inch)

16. JPG (PICT is a Macintosh format, and JPG is the best of those choices for photographs.)

17. Use a digital scanner (It's referring to a photo on paper).

Throw 100 questions at me and I'm sure to read some wrong. They're right...36. I was looking for an inch and a half. Not sure why I read it that way.

You asked in a reply about the question about Vector images. (Question 14) Vector images can change sizes without losing color or clarity. So you did have the correct answer there.

Matt - who needs to slow down and read more carefully from now on. My apologies.

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