The formula is y=ax^2+bx+c
I also gave the wrong problems, they are...

1. y=x^2-4x
2. y=-x+1
3. y=x+1
4. y=2x^2

well for number one you said it was

y = -x^2 +1

when you graph it here are three points

(-1,0), (0,1),(1,0) so you know that the parabola is going downward. the axis of symmetry is the line in the middle of the parabola which would be : 0
the vertex point would be: (0,1)

I don't have my book with me but the formula for finding the axis of symmetry should be in your book. I can help you if you send it to me.


1. Y=-X^2+1
2. Y=2X
3. Y=-X^2+3X
4. Y=X^2+1
5. Y=X^2-4X

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asked by Tomika

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