Computer Questions

I need your help again!
Will you please check these questions
and my answers and let me know the ones that I have wrong? I surely would appreciate it!!

1. You have over forty applications installed on your computer. However, most of your time on the computer is spent using only two programs. You
want a faster way to access these
applications than by constantly searching through the Start menu for
them. What is the quickest alternative?

A. Use the command prompt.
B. Store them in the scroll bar.
C. Create a shortcut for them in
the clipboard.
D. Add icons for them in the
Quick Launch Bar.

2. You are running two applicatons on
your computer. You highlight some text
in a word document and initiate the
copy command. You then go to paste the text into a publisher document.
Where is the text temporarily stored
after it is copied?

A. In the command prompt interface.
B. In the paging file.
C. In the clipboard.
D. In the terminal client.

3. You purchase a new printer for your
home computer that uses Windows XP.
Before the printer can operate correctly, you must install the________
for it.

A. Windows driver
B. Terminal Client
C. Macintosh driver
D. Windows OLE

4. After purchasing a broadband connection for your home computer network, you are suspicious that unwanted traffic is coming into your network from the Internet. How can you eliminate this possibility?

A. Install a UNIX system.
B. Install a firewall.
C. Install a backup utility.
D. Install a screen protector.

5. You purchase the newest version of the Windows operating system for your computer that is still running
Windows 98. What is the first thing you should do before installing the new operating system?

A. Install an anti-virus application.
B. Test the hard drive with an
intrusion detection application.
C. Back up your hard drive.
D. Install the hard disk driver for
the new operating system.

6. What is the chronological order of
the release of Microsoft GUI operating systems?

A.Windows NT, DOS, Windows 95,
Windows ME.

B. DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98,
Windows NT.

C. DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT,
Windows ME.

D. DOS, Windows NT, Windows 95,
Windows ME.

7. What is the biggest attraction for the Linux operating system when compared to Microsoft operating systems?

A. It is GUI based.
B. It is free.
C. It is a 128-bit operating system.
D. It only comes in a command prompt

8. Which network operating system is capable of managing Active Directory?

A. Windows 2000 Server
B. Windows NT Server
C. Netware 6.0

9. Which of the following operating systems is an example of an embedded
operating system?

A. Linuxware
B. Windows XP
C. Palm OS
D. Windows NT

10. The clustering of Microsoft Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, and Access into one
package is an example of a/an:

A. freeware
B. shareware
C. public domain software
D. software suite

11. You are creating an advertising
flyer using Microsoft Word. You would
like to use letters that are one-half
inch in height. What font point size
should you select in Word?

A. 72 point
B. 36 point
C. 18 point
D. 100 point

12. Your boss wants you to input financial data into the computer
to create a company earnings statement. What Office Suite program would be
ideal for this task?

A. Outlook
B. Word
C. Excel
D. PowerPoint

13. When you purchase a computer application at the store, you are actually purchasing a _________ to
use it.

A. vector
B. contract
C. receipt
D. license

14. You want to design a simple graphic logo for your brother's company.
You want to be able to experiment with
a number of different sizes once the logo is created. You do not want the
logo to lose any of its sharpness or
clarity when expanding its size.
What type of graphical file should
you use?

A. Vector
B. Bitmap
C. Digital
D. Analog

15. You are composing a letter in a
word processing application.
Which type of file format would
you NOT choose to save your letter?


16. What type of file format would be
best to use if you want to work with
a photograph of the Grand Canyon that
you took during your vacation last month using your computer that
uses XP?


17. Your boss gives you a picture that
he took of everyone in the company
standing out in front of the new office
building. He wants you to place the
picture in the upcoming company
newsletter. How can you input the
picture into your computer?

A. Utilize a vector photo program.
B. Use a bit map converter.
C. Use a digital publisher.
D. Use a digital scanner

Here are my answers.
Please correct the ones I have wrong.

1.(D)add icons for them in the Quick
Launch Bar.

2. (C) In the clipboard

3. (A) Windows driver

4. (B) Install a firewall

5. (C) Backup your hard drive

6. (D) DOS, Windows NT, Windows95,
Windows ME

7. (B) It is free.

8. (A) Windows 2000 Server

9. (C) Palm OS

10.(D) software suite

11.(A) 72 point

12.(C) Excel

13.(D) license

14.(A) Vector

15.(B) JPG

16.(D) PICT

17.(A) Utilize a vector photo program.

I know that I have the wrong answers on some of these questions. Please just put
the number and the correct answer if I
am wrong on a question. I surely do appreciate your help!!

We eat out of Rice Bowls here. And we use chop sticks.

Here in Taiwan, when we go out to eat in large groups in traditional Taiwanese restaurants, you get your own bowl and chop sticks. The food is usually placed in the center of the table on a lazy susan and you select what you want and put it in your bowl. You then eat with your chop sticks.

Most places will have spoons. Others might have knives and forks. Usually, it's Westerners who eat with the utensils here.

To the OP:

I'm not sure about the font size. (question 11) And not at a computer that has Word right now. You can test it out.

#17 - I don't know anything about the Vector Photo Program. Isn't that a program that allows you to create/edit Vector photos? What the question seems to be asking about is a digital scanner. It's asking how to put the picture into your computer and that's what a scanner does.

The rest looked good.

Matt, are you sure number 16 is correct?

Also, would you please recheck all my
answers again?

I just feel uneasy about some of my answers. I know number 17 is wrong, but number 11 - I donot know if the answer is (A)72 or (B)36

please recheck my answers.

My apologies. I missed #16 somehow. I was reading through them one by one and checking the answers as I went. #16 must have slipped through as I was scrolling up and down.

#16 - JPG

A. GIF : Not enough colors. 256 colors is not enough to capture the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. So that's a "no."

B. BMP : Good Lord no!

C. JPG : Good choice. Yes.

D. PICT : used on Macs. This is asking about an XP. So no.

16 should be "c" I'm sorry I missed it.

We agree 17 is wrong. I gave the answer above.

#11 - I was at a computer that didn't have a computer to check it out. (It's hard to find the right program and select the right language sometimes when you're in Asia.) On my own computer now, size 100 gives me 1.5 inches if I type in capital letters. So assume that's the answer they're looking for.

Sorry about #16. My mistake for not catching it.


MattsRiceBowl, I am confused. On question #11,my text states "A font's size (in height)is measured in points. One point equals 1/2 of an inch,so 72 points equal one inch."

So, would my answer for question #11
be 72 point, or do I divide half of
72 to give me 36. I am very confused on this question. Should I go with (A)72
or (B)36?

Also, do I have question # 14 correct?
You didn't say anything about it being wrong.

a 72 point
b 32 p

a 72
b 36
c 18
d 100 point

a 72 point
b 36 point
c18 point
d 100 point


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  1. A new printer purchased that uses Windows XP, before the printer can be operated correctly, what must you install?

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    posted by Annette

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