American History!

Okay, so i have to write an essay, and i'm having LOADS of trouble comming up with something, any help would be appreciated!

"John Winthrop founded a society in Massachusetts that he would later write about calling "a city upon a hill". He was referring to the Puritan example as one that people from around the world might look to as an example of an egalitarian socieety. Winthrop's vision has become one of the founding mythologies of the USA.
In a formal essay, assess the validity of this myth through an exploration of American history from 1607 to the present from the perspective of 'the people'
Examine the question from the perspective of ONE of the following groups:
1. African Americans
2. Immigrants
3. Indigenous Peoples
4. the poor reformers
6. women"


This site will help you format your essay.

First you have to do two things. One, in your introduction you must give a definition Winthrop's "egalitarian society" specifically.
What were his criteria. You will need this to be specific so that you can measure the development of the group to that definition.
The second thing is to pick a group. Then, Take a sheet of paper, put Winthrop's criteria in separate columns on the paper. Then as you example the history of the group you have chosen, put specific events which relate to those criteria under the column. Use two colors of ink, one for positive results and one for negative. After you done all your research, then you can take your information and write. You can have a paragraph to discuss each of the criteria and your conclusion will of course decide how the criteria matched the actual history.

We will be happy to proof read and make suggestions to your finished product.
Sounds like an interesting research project.

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