this problem is given me very much difficulty because of the set up and what to do. can someone assit me if you have a few minutes. thanks.

Income. A baker has 250 units of flour, 90 of sugar, and 150 of raisins. A loaf of raisin bread requires 1 unit of flour, 1 of sugar, and 2 of raisins, while a raisin cake needs 5,2,and 1 unit, respectively.

a) If raisin bread sells for $1.75 a loaf and raisin cake for $4 each , how many of each should be baked so that gross income is maximized?

b) what is the maximum gross income?

c) Does it require all of the available units of flour, sugar, and raisins to produce the number of loaves of raisins bread and raisin cakes that produce the maximum profit? If not, how much of each ingredient isleft over?

I suggest you make a basic chart similar to the one I did for your previous question. Since the cakes provide more income, how many cakes can the baker make with these ingredients? How many loaves of bread? Can you juggle these numbers to use more of the ingredients to produce more income?

Look at the example of the Simplex method here:

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