sorry mr bob pursley to annoy you again.
i read over hooke's law in wikipedia.but i don't know what is k.(my force constant.

here my experiment and my values.
i did three trials measured force applied of the elastic by streching 50 cm everytime.
force applied average was = 5.86N ( average of three trials)
average elastic pulled= 50cm (average of three trials)
averagedistance travelled by wooden block= 0.0685m=6.8m
where hook law states
x= 50cm
k=5.8 force constant (am i right) is this spring constant)
f= am i solving for this

sorry again and thank you.

k=5.86N/.5m= 11.7 N/m

Now, the distance traveled should include the rubber band stretching distance, as fricion is operating there also.

1/2 (11.7N/m)(1/2)^2= avgforcfriction*distance slid

I don't know in the distance slid above if you included the 1/2 meter that the band was stretched, at any rate, you solve for averagefriction force.

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