computer graphics

You purchase the latest "must have"
computer video game from the store.
The game has fantastic graphics but
it runs rather slow on your computer.
What must you do to increase the
performance of the game?

1. Install a GVA adapter that has
more ROM.

2. Install a video card that has
greater resolution.

3. Install a video card that has
a lot of VRAM.

4. Install a VGA card that has its
own CPU.

Is the correct answer number 2?

Please help

Thank you for your help, my question has been posted for a while.

Since you haven't received an answer, apparently no one with expertise in your area have seen your question. Although we have many experts who regularly answer questions, it's possible that Jiskha doesn't have a computer graphics expert.

If you haven't received an answer by tomorrow, please repost your question.

I can answer a lot of computer questions. But I am in a different country. When you first posted this, it was 2:15 AM here. I can check it at night (your morning...assuming you are in the United States)


No. The greater resolution will do nothing for it. What you need is the ability to read and write more memory on to the card. The card game is slow because you simply cannot write enough memory for it quickly enough.

A video card with a lot of VRAM would generally be the best answer. Though there are a lot of other factors, that is the best option given.


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asked by Steven

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