plz to anyone who has finished the lit book with 7 tests answer back need help. with exms like pair of silk stockings, pauls case,goodman brown, call of the wild PLZZZZZZZ help me it has been 15yrs

You can also go to the Yahoo category " Help me cheat on my home-school exam" to get answers.

Homeschooling only works if the students learn. They can't cheat, nor can their parents help them cheat, nor can others, such as we on the web, help them cheat.
There is no substitute for knowing the material and having qualified teachers. One of the supposedly advantages of homeschooling is teaching moral not lying, cheating, nor stealing from others. But what I find, is that many times home-schoolers are taught to look for the answers that someone else derived, not to find the solution. So much for moral values.
Shame on you.

When you need help understanding a piece of literature, we will be happy to critique your thinking on it.

Amazing for anyone to ask for cheating "help" like this! And to top it off, these stories just aren't that hard to understand.


As a former homeschooler who eventually transferred to public high school and private college, I can confidently say that I am a high level learner. I was raised with these moral values and I will carry them with me every day of my academic career. I have never even considered doing anything but honest work. Words like lie cheat steal copy and plagiarize are not terms in my vocabulary. What do you have to say to that bobpursley? Don't you dare say shame to me when you used an ly adverb to modify a noun.

i have managed to do all the work myself thank you to the rude people and i scored 100,100 and 81 and so forth... i let god do all the talking and helping.

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asked by sus

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