I have to write essays on these topics:

1. What are the qualities of a good Prime Minister.

2. What are the qualities of a good businessman.

Can you give me some ideas please.

A good prime minister should listen to his/her constituents, lead the party, and be diplomatic and persuasive when negotiating with other government leaders.

A good businessman should honestly serve his customers, treat employees fairly, strongly lead his company, while striving to get new business and make a profit.

Just one addition to the desired qualities of a prime minister -- or president: the ability to decide when the consituency is wrong and do what is right. Popular knowledge is not always correct or complete. Davy Crockett (a frontiersman and Congressman long ago) once said "make sure you're right, then go ahead." That is good advice for anyone in power.

The problem with Crockett's advice is that the leader must have the intelligence and the wisdom to be sure he's right. Horrendous results can occur when the leader believes he's right -- but is wrong.

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asked by Ishani

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