The Lion King Archetypal Journey

Hi. I am doing a project over the archetypal journey in The Lion King. I have not seen the movie in a very long time, so I was wondering if someone could help me with the 12 stages of archetypal journey within the Lion King. I am allowed to omit up to 2 steps in case the movie doesn't have those steps.
The steps are:
1. The Ordinary World- Most stories take the hero out of the ordinary, mundane world into a Special World, new and alien.
2. Call to Adventure- The hero is presented with a problem, challenge, or adventure to undertake.
3. Refusal of the Call- Often at this point the hero balks at the threshold of adventure, Refusing the Call or expressing reluctance. The hero has not yet fully commited the journey and may still be thinking of turning back.
4. Mentor (The wise old man or woman)- The relationship between hero and Mentor stands for the bond between parent and child, teacher and student, doctor and patient, god and man.
5. Crossing the First Threshold- Now the hero finally commits to the adventure and fully enters the World of the story for the first time by Crossing the First Threshold. He agrees to face the consequences of dealing with the problem or challenge posed in the Call to Adventure. This is the moment when the story takes off and the adventure really gets going.
6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies- Once across the First Threshold, the hero naturally encounters new challenges and Tests, makes Allies and Enemies, and begins to learn the rules of the Special World.
7. Approach to the Inmost Cave
The hero comes at last to the edge of a dangerous place, sometimes deep underground, where the object of the quest is hidden. Often it's the headquarters of the hero's greatest enemy, the most dangerous spot in the Special World, the Inmost Cave.
8. The Supreme Ordeal- Here the fortunes of the hero hit bottom in a direct confrontation with his greatest fear. The Supreme Ordeal is a "black moment" for the audience, as we are held in suspense and tension, not knowing if he will live or die.
9. Reward (Seizing the sword)
The hero now takes possession of the treasure she has come seeking, her Reward.
10. The Road Back- This stage marks the decision to turn to the ordinary world. The hero realizes that the Special World must eventually be left behind and there are still dangers, temptations, and tests ahead.
11. Resurrection- The hero who has been to the realm of the dead must be reborn and cleansed into one last Ordeal of death and Resurrection before returning to the Ordinary World of the living.
12. Return with the Elixir- The hero returns to the Ordinary World, but the journey is meaningless unless she brings back some Elixir, treasure, or lesson from the Special World.

Okay, as I mentioned I haven't seen the movie in forever but this is what I think:
Obviously, the hero is Simba. 1. The Ordinary World for Simba is his home, The Pridelands. 2 and 3 i'm not sure. 4. his mentors are timon & pumbaa?... 5. he grows up and returns to Pride Rock to face his past. 6. he meets his enemies scar and the hyenas. ... and i'm not sure about the rest

Since you have a lengthy and complex assignment, I urge you to rent or borrow the movie and watch it again. That is much better than depending upon some stranger's analysis. :-)

what are the lions enemies

what are the lions enemies

lion's enemies


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  1. watch the movie and you'll know the answers

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  2. tfhdajo tbqjyrxw tpylfmucd ovlekcs elqx hkfjlueis ovgm

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  4. @NOMAD.
    IT IS NOT , .

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  5. the shadow(enemy)for lion king would be scar beacuse he killed simba father and he blamed the death of simba father on simba.

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  6. This is a terrible movie project because archetypes are ones you'll never use.

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