I was hoping someone could write me a little a bit about their specific memories related to the Vietnam War, to Civil Rights, to the growth of feminism, to the rise of a new conservative movement, to Watergate and Nixon’s resignation, etc during the sixties! thanks.

asked by bee
  1. I'll comment on a couple of these issues.

    Civil Rights --

    When my daughter Sandy was in elementary school in the 60s, she had an African-American friend. We told her she couldn't take her friend to the family cottage during the summer because we were afraid the neighbors (from Chicago) would be rude and unaccepting of this child. Sandy and I both cried over this situation.

    Another time, I overheard a white store owner lamenting that she couldn't hire a black clerk because she was afraid she'd lose her customers.

    Vietnam War --

    I would have sent my teenaged son to Canada if the war had still been going on when he became draft age. Fortunately the war ended before that time.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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