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I have an exam tommorrow and my question is :

What is the difference between the types of the data base text and number in the data base. My teacher tells us that a phone number is in the text column because it does not change. But in number it's changble ?

What is the difference between these two and can someone please give me an example for text and number and which one can change


Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but here's what I think your teacher is referring to.

The numbers that you do not want to be automatically sequential or change by means of a formula in any way are text.

The numbers you want to be automatically sequential (such as numbering down the left side of a page) or change by means of a formula (totals or quotients or ??) are the changeable ones. That is, they can be set to change automatically.

Here are three articles regarding the uses of numbers in Microsoft's database, Access:

• How to reset an AutoNumber field value in Access
(812718) - Set the AutoNumber field of the main table to a Number data type. ... Create a new field of Number data type in the referenced table. ... For additional information, click the following article number to view ...

• How to store, calculate, and compare Date/Time data in Microsoft Access
(210276) - Store Date/Time data Access stores the Date/Time data type as a double-precision, floating-point number up to 15 decimal places. The integer part of the double-precision number represents the date. ... Access stores dates before December 30, 1899 as negative numbers.

• Functions for calculating and for displaying Date/Time values in Access
(210604) - Because a Date/Time value is stored as a double-precision number, you may receive incorrect formatting results when you try to manipulate Date/Time values in an expression. ... Because a Date/Time value is stored as a double-precision number, you may ...



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