Annie is a fifth grader in Mr. Baer's class and has been quiet and sullen for several days in a row. Mr. Baer has asked you, his educational assistant, to check in with Annie to see what is troubling her. You approach Annie gently and ask her if something is wrong and if there is anything you can help out with. Annie bursts into tears and claims, "I just can't do this writing stuff! I guess I am just not a good student. Give me P.E. or Art any day. I hate this writing stuff."

First, you will discuss Annie's problem from the perspective of the development of self-concept and self-esteem. You should consider the following in constructing your answer:
Annie's belief about her writing ability and how this may factor into her sense of self.
How Annie's sense of self might be related to achievement.
How Annie's self-esteem may contribute to lower performance in writing.
Potential ways that other students or the school environment may have contributed to Annie's self-concept and self-esteem.
Second, based on the guidelines in the text and the activities you read about in the Web Resource Activity, suggest ways that you, Mr. Baer, and the school can help Annie develop a more positive self-concept and higher self-esteem, both as a student in general and on writing tasks in particular (this should be approximately 1 page long). Be sure to address the following:
What can you do, as an educator, on a one-on-one basis, to improve self-concept and self-esteem in Annie (and all students)?
What can schools do to create an environment in which students are less likely to develop poor self-concepts and lower self-esteem (consider how diversity may play a role here)?
Describe a couple of specific activities that you might choose to encourage high self-esteem in students.

This is a challenging assignment. Your text and the Web Resource Activity should provide many ideas for writing this essay.

If you post your ideas here, we'll be glad to critique them for you.

First of all, I agree with Ms.Sue. Use the sources that you have available.

Here are some ideas:

Think of why she might believe that she is not good at writing or she is not a good student. Have others told her this? If you (or Annie) believe that you cannot do something, you tend to give up or not make a sufficient effort. (Could this be what you are doing with this assignment?)

What support for writing does she get at home? Is she from a non-English speaking home?

Is individual tutoring available?

Here are some other sites that might be helpful:

I am hoping that this information will help you with your assignment. Even more so, I hope it will help you in your learning.

Thanks for asking.

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