What was the percent increase in the mean population from 1950 to 2000?
1950 - 426,000,000
2000 - 1,046,500,000
DO I divide 426,000,000 by 1,046,500,000 which is 40.7%?

No. First you find the difference in the mean population. Then you take the diiference and you divide it by the original mean population (i.e in 1950) and you dinf the percentage.

I am sorry those were the mean numbers I forgot to say that, so I would subtract 1,046,500,000 - 426,000,000 =980,500,000 and then divide 980,500,000 by 1,046,000,000=.9369 which is 94% Correct?

No recheck your calculations.You must get 59%.

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  1. a) What was the mean population of the six continents or lands masses that were habitable in 2000?

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